In today's world, learning self-defense can be valuable for several reasons:

  1. Personal safety: Knowing self-defense techniques can help you protect yourself in potentially dangerous situations, such as encountering physical assault or harassment.
  2. Confidence: Learning self-defense can boost your confidence and sense of empowerment, allowing you to feel more secure and capable in various environments.
  3. Physical fitness: Many self-defense techniques involve physical activity, which can contribute to your overall fitness and health.
  4. Preparedness: In an unpredictable world, knowing how to defend yourself can provide you with a sense of preparedness and readiness to handle unexpected threats.
  5. Mental discipline: Self-defense training often emphasizes mental discipline, focus, and awareness, which can be beneficial in various aspects of life beyond physical confrontation.

While self-defense skills may not be necessary in every situation, having the knowledge and ability to protect yourself can be an important asset in today's world. However, it's also essential to approach self-defense training with the right mindset, understanding that the goal is to avoid conflict whenever possible and only use techniques as a last resort for self-preservation.